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Rural Victoria

15 to 18 Mar 2018

Domestic Bliss!

You can’t keep a good band down. 2018 saw PlanB kick off-the first of their three planned tours for the year with a domestic dalliance. The band headed east to Victoria for gigs in Warrnambool and Ballarat before the trip culminated in an appearance at the curiously named Open Mic (it isn’t) Festival in the picturesque coastal town of Airey’s Inlet. Well-rested after their 2017 Asian adventure, and with new songs to play, the boys were pumped.

Band members waved farewell to their respective homes on a pleasant Thursday morning, and the PlanB roadshow arrived at their first stop, Warrnambool, later that afternoon.

Bushfires were raging in these parts of Victoria, and it was uncertain whether routes would be closed or, worse still, towns would be isolated by the fires. Happily, neither eventuality became a reality.

The boys, supported by local outfit Worm, put on a rocking show at The Loft, a highly regarded live music venue in the heart of Warrnambool. The energy and execution impressed all those present.

On Friday, after a team breakfast not far from the previous night’s venue, it was north to Ballarat. The band (supported by The Vests) was scheduled to play a fund-raising show for 99.9 Voice FM, good friends and great supporters of PlanB. The Cabaret Club must rank as one of the most beautifully atmospheric venues to ever host the band.

Saturday morning was spent driving to the 11th incarnation of the Airey’s Inlet Festival, where band members could then set about sampling the variety of live music that was on show. Eight venues, over 140 acts and a seemingly limitless range of genres prevented anyone from running out of things to see and do.

Sunday came around and the smell of the smoke from the fires still hung grimly in the air. PlanB were playing in the afternoon on one of the outside stages and, around lunchtime, the rain came down. A blessing for the firefighters and endangered towns, but not so good for the band as the crowd immediately sought shelter inside.

Cue a huge slice of luck, the teeming rain stopped just as the boys completed their soundcheck, allowing punters to venture outside and fill the once vacant (and wet) space in front of the stage. Good thing too, as the set was the best of the tour and went down exceptionally well with the growing audience.

Once again, PlanB demonstrated a high level of performance and professionalism throughout this short sojourn, adding three new towns to their list of conquests and making many new friends along the way.

Four nights away, three cracking shows, and a safe return for all saw 2018 start with a bang for the boys in the band!

Harry Palmer
March 2018


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