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David Robinson

“I love all facets of music-making, but the raw thrill of standing before an expectant crowd, in the minutes immediately preceding a show... wow; that takes some beating.” says David in an interview with Voice FM, Ballarat.

David has been bringing his powerful, soulful and sometimes brooding style to appreciative audiences for many years, both as a lead singer in bands and duos and as an accomplished, award-winning singer songwriter.

As the frontman for PlanB, he’s the one charged with the responsibility of getting the message across. But it’s much more than just singing the words; David puts everything he has into every performance. Delivering the emotion that the song warrants and the audience covets, David will thrill you, touch you and, very likely, leave you with much to think about.

See David do his thing - as soon, and as often, as you can.


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