PlanB logotype flickering as if made of neon lights.

Big & Brassy Rock'n'Soul

PlanB's vibrant, exhilarating and multi-layered sound harks back to the days when bands cut their teeth performing live shows for real people.

Pre COVID tours have placed the band in locations like Glasgow, Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, London, Jakarta, Ulaanbaatar and Beijing, and has seen the band appear on the same festival bills as Chris Farlowe, Primal Scream, Cliff Bennett, Focus and Newton Faulkner.

The official release of PlanB's much anticipated third studio album, Hello Dear Stranger on 1 October 2021, has the band broadening its signature sound to encompass an eclectic mix of genres which is destined to attract an increasing global audience.


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Over the last 30 or so years of existence, PlanB has released hundreds of hours of content in various forms. Please click to view/discover some of the band's past work.



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PlanB loves to tour the world, performing to audiences who want to experience the band's unique brand of brassy pub rock. Please click to discover where the band has been and where it plans to go in the future.




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