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Asian Sojourn

5 to 10 Oct 2018

Time in the Dungeon

PlanB's inaugural Indonesian adventure had them lighting up Jakarta's Dungeon Pool Lounge for three electrifying nights. Notably, the lineup got a nostalgic twist as former bandmates Stephen Fewell on guitar and Mark Levers on drums rejoined the touring squad, filling in for Peter McIver and David Lloyd who had stateside commitments. With a track record of successful tours across various Southeast Asian hotspots like Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand, the sultry weather was no match for these seasoned showmen.

The PlanB crew left the locals in awe, delivering high-octane performances from their extensive catalog of melodic rock 'n' soul hits. It was a guaranteed groove-fest, with attendees either busting out dance moves on the spot or teetering on the edge of their seats as they rode the wave of pulsating rhythms.


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Dungeon Pool Lounge