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Patrick Stapleton

“I can really only think of two bands that have worked trombone successfully into their core sound – Dexy’s and Chicago, one from the UK, the other the US. It’s my aim to add Australia’s PlanB to that list”, Stapleton says to a University journalist in the 80’s at the ripe old age of 16.

Leader of “The Horn Dingoes” the PlanB brass section, Stapleton has been with the band since its first incarnation in the 80’s, joining the band while still at high school and performing on stages to crowds well before he was legally able to enter them as a punter. His trombone playing has been an ever-present aspect of the band’s unique and iconic “brassy” sound.

Today Patrick has branched out into the field of videography having directed, shot and edited some 14 music videos used to promote the songs on the band’s debut album, “Too Late The Hero.”

A major reason PlanB is today one of Australia’s premier international touring rock acts is due to Patricks high-energy trombone in “The Horn Dingoes”. Miss his performances at your peril.


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