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Peter Flierl

Founding member, bass player, manager and songwriter for Rock’n’Soul specialists PlanB, Sneaky Pete has an eclectic musical history stretching back further than he will probably admit in public.

Pete grew up in Adelaide, South Australia playing in his first band with his brother at the tender age of 16. His first instrument was the bass guitar which he took up thinking that with only four strings it would have to be easier to learn than the guitar …… and the lack of bassists (at that time) would assure him a life-long place in bands. A true musical journey-man, his musical career has taken him far afield, performing in countries as varied as Dubai, Pakistan, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Mongolia and the United Kingdom. 

Some of his previous bands include: Del Webb Explosion, The Vodka Gods, Aaron Blake, The Blades, Nimbus, Route 66, Play the Fox, The Mighty Bluzicians, Mekong Delta Band, The Cods, Squeezebox, The Dancing Girls of Lahore, Khaas Collaboration, The Backbeats & The Dags.

“While not the first band I’ve formed, PlanB probably best represents the legacy of material I’ve written in the last 35 years. That’s not to say I’ve stopped, nothing gives me more satisfaction than incorporating new material into the band’s touring setlist.” says Flierl in a Pakistan radio interview.

Although not a prolific songwriter, Sneaky Pete has penned in excess of 50 songs with his recorded tracks numbering over 30. One Way Love recorded by Del Webb Explosion in 1981 was the first Sneaky Pete composition to be officially released. Pete continues to contribute to PlanB’s evolving set list and has for several years now been co-writing songs with PlanB keyboard player, Adrian Miller.

Fired in the caldron of the Adelaide independent rock band scene of the 70’s and 80’s Sneaky Pete’s library of songs make up the majority of original works performed by PlanB. These songs range from angst ridden rock anthems to ballads of lost love. A PlanB performance in many respects is written from Pete’s past experiences, which are flavoured with his years living abroad in both Asia and the Middle East.

Live, Flierl delivers backing vocals as if they are torn from his very soul, all the while thumping out his own inimitable style of bass guitar, which is trademark to the PlanB sound.


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