• New WebTV concept – Band Up Abroad

    PlanB proposes to pivot it’s eposodic media production efforts from the 30 minute music video program “The Sneaky Pete Show” to a15 minute tour diary designed to enable armchair travelers to vicariously travel through exotic destinations as a musician. The

  • The Tears for Peshawar keep falling

    It was only a small window of opportunity. Sneaky Pete returned to Islamabad for 6 days at the end of January 2015 to rehearse with the other members of Khaas Collaboration Mk II for a ‘live-to-air’ and studio session. The

  • Phoenix TV

    Phoenix TV is a Satellite TV network, based in Hong Kong. Phoenix offers Mandarin and Cantonese language programs. The Company was founded in 1996 and offers various programs including, Infonews, Movies, Entertaiment. A television crew from Phoenix TV interviewed and

  • RIP Wayne Baker

    “Can’t bat, can’t bowl”, was one of Wayne’s favourite sayings in the studio. He used it to refer to anything that wasn’t working as it should have. John Mulholland I met Wayne during the recording of my parts for PlanB’s

  • Second Time Around Tour Wrap – Part 6

    All members of PlanB can thoroughly recommend the eclectic Suzhou Watertown Hostel as a place to just chill out while in this part of the country. Set in a narrow road off the main drag, the staff are helpful and