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  • BSide Magazine article

    PlanB article hot off the press from BSide Magazine this week Continue reading

  • Back2UK tour – August 2018

    The PlanB boys are once again packing their bags and heading off on what promises to be another electrifying musical adventure. They are leaving Australian shores and travelling half-way around the world to present the 2018 “Back2UK” tour to their expectant British fans. The tour will see the inclusion of all the songs currently slated for release on the band’s much-awaited upcoming third studio album, as well as the classic numbers that have been staples of the live act for years. Continue reading

  • New Studio Album slated for late 2018

    It’s midway through 2018 and things are progressing rather nicely for PlanB, with another UK tour looming and the band in the throes of recording its fourth album under the watchful eye of Sodypop Studio’s very own Brett Sody. Continue reading

  • Long Weekend – MiniVic Tour

    PlanB’s much awaited 10 track live album, UK2UB, was released on 2 March 2018 just prior to the band heading east across the border for a series of gigs in rural Victoria. Continue reading

  • Fire Rooster reflections …………

    So, that’s that then. Another year, another tour. Thirty or so days spent spreading the PlanB gospel amid the other-worldly chaos of Vietnam, Cambodia and, for the first time, Mongolia.   Leaving the cold winter behind, the boys blazed a