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Music Video – Sandpaper Sally

Sandpaper Sally is the last track on PlanB’s debut album Too Late The Hero to get it’s own music video. The video was shot in and around Shanghai and features local model Xinyu Zhang and PlanB’s vocalist Brett Monten. The

  • Music Video – Blueprint

    A major effort was made during PlanB’s Second Time Around tour of China to document as many of the shows that it performed in the thirteen or so city’s that it visited over the four weeks of the tour. The

  • It’s a Mulholland Thing – The Partcaster

    PlanB’s guitarist John Mulholland is a keen guitar collector. Over the years he has assembled a large number of instruments and is constantly experimenting, upgrading and modifying to create new sounds and looks. At the moment he is working on

  • I Don’t Mind – PlanB’s latest music video

    Prior to leaving for it’s Second Time Around tour of China in September 2015 the band shot a music video for the thirteenth track on it’s debut album Too Late The Hero. The music video tells the story of a

  • Robbie on stage with The Bald Eagles

    Recently PlanB’s trumpet player Rob Williams did a guest spot with Eagles tribute band “The Bald Eagles” in their Hotel Cabafornia product for the Adelaide Festival Fringe. The following is a short video of Rob performing with the Bald Eagles