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Cloudy With A Chance Of Rain

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Cloudy – Revenge of the 80’s Radio

Check out at 00:15:40, Chris Cordani introduces PlanB’s latest single Cloudy With A Chance Of Rain following this, big Jim Patterson introduces himself and Chris plays Dexy’s Plan B. Play MP3 “Our week of 6-17 show podcast/syndication edit is up.

  • Cloudy video is released

    After a couple of months of intense work by PlanB’s videographer and trombone player Patrick Stapleton, the band finally releases the video for Cloudy With A Chance Of Rain. The video includes appearances by the complete UK tour lineup, in

  • UK tour update

    A message from Peter Fliel to PlanB fans about it’s upcoming tour to the UK.

  • 1st Australian gig in 20+ years

    Since reforming in 2009 with 4 original members and 4 new members, PlanB has undertaken 5 international tours, but ironically enough has yet to play a gig in Australia since the band broke up in the 1980’s. PlanB has been

  • A message from Sneaky Pete

    Sneaky Pete addresses PlanB fans from the comfort of the Rock Nest in Adelaide’s south.