• Maggies

    An infamous nightclub in the diplomatic area of Beijing this video depicts a fleeting relationship between a mature westerner in an exotic far eastern bar. Shot at the Iron Fairies Wine Bar in Bangkok this video features Em and PlanB’s

    Uploaded on Aug 16
  • Three Steps Closer
    Three Steps Closer

    A trumpet player comes to Thailand to see his Thai sweetheart for the first time. However fate intervenes continually hindering his attempts to get to where she is staying. He goes through a myriad of adventures before finally arriving safe

    Uploaded on Apr 11
  • Give It Away
    Give It Away

    Written by Pete during a 3 month stay in Pakistan during mid summer 2007, ‘Give It Away’ takes the listener on a journey of reminiscing about the various people who have passed through one’s life and the differing degree of

    Uploaded on May 18
  • Images

    Initially penned by Pete some 3 decades ago, the song was never recorded by the original band. A crowd favorite at the time, the current PlanB lineup has created a fresh arrangement, at the same time enlisting the vocal talents

    Uploaded on Mar 18
  • Plan B
    Plan B

    A cover of the classic Dexy’s Midnight Runners track. The track was recorded in Ho Chi Minh city 2011, with post production in Australia by Wayne Baker. The clip was shot in Beijing 2012.

    Uploaded on Oct 16