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Time Is A Diamond

Released via Tunecore 1st July 2016

Available for purchase and streaming across a wide range of internet music providers including but not limited to iTunes & Spotify.


VoiceFM – Cait Larcombe

Here we are then; a new line-up, new songs, and a brand new album. Every now and again you hear something that rocks your world, and this record is likely to do just that. Time is a Diamond, the sophomore release from PlanB, comprises 11 memorable songs, every one of them a crowd-pleasing winner.

From a home base in Adelaide, South Australia, PlanB’s remarkable brand of Rock ‘n’ Soul is reverberating throughout the music world. From London to Beijing to Saigon, this vibrant eight-piece outfit is causing a stir with its big, bold and brassy sound. Now it is your turn to experience the addictive, unforgettable sound of PlanB.

Enjoy this record; chances are you’ll be dancing around the room within minutes of pressing the play button.

All tracks recorded & produced by Nigel Grummet & PlanB at Hiball Studios between November 2015 & June 2016, except ‘Psycho Happy’ recorded & produced by Brett Sody & PlanB at Sodypop Studios in August-September 2015.

Big thanks to:
Jen, Ana, Corey, Mohammad, Garry, Chris, Max, Vic & Sam for helping to make this sweet music and Nigel Grummet & Brett Sody for capturing it, Jim Manning (WOW FM), Scott Whelan (PBA-FM), Cait Larcombe (VOICE -FM) and Sandra & Big Jim Paterson for believing in us.

Additional musicians:
Jen Lush – vocals on ‘Psycho happy’
Ana Simonovska – vocals on ‘Cloudy with a chance of rain’
Corey Stewart – guitar & backing vocals on all tracks except ‘Time is a diamond’
Virgil Reality – flugelhorn on ‘Wynton Marsalis’, ‘Wake up call’, ‘Time is a diamond’ & ‘Second time around’ (solo)
Vic Flierl – keyboard & piano on ‘Psycho happy’
Mohammad Ajmal Khan – tabla on ‘Meri jaan’
Sharbaz Ali – harmonium on ‘Meri jaan’
Waleed Ahmed – Urdu rap on ‘Meri jaan’
Garry Scurfield – spoken word in ‘What’s on your mind?’
Chris Cordani – DJ intro to ‘Second time around’
Craig ‘Max’ Rodda – additional drums
Sam Brooke – additional drums
Nigel Grummet – backing vocals & additional instrumentation


Peter Flierl – bass, acoustic guitar & backing vocals
Peter McIver – guitar
Adrian Miller – keyboards
Dave Lloyd – drums
David Robinson – lead vocals
Cameron Smith – flugelhorn
Patrick Stapleton – trombone
Rob Williams – trumpet

01 – What’s on your mind (feat. Garry Scurfield) (3:51)*
02 – Second time around (feat. Chris Cordani) (4:12)*
03 – Psycho happy (feat. Jen Lush) (3:43)†
04 – Cloudy with a chance of rain(feat. Ana Simonovska) (4:19)†
05 – She don’t do crazy (3:56)†
06 – Time is a diamond (3:33)†
07 – Meri jaan (feat. Waleed Ahmed) (4:18)§
08 – I know a girl (4:31)Ω
09 – Going home (3:17)*
10 – Wynton Marsalis (3:50)∆
11 – Wake up call (4:50)†
* Music & lyrics by Peter Flierl
† Music by Peter Flierl & lyrics by Adrian Miller
∆ Music by Corey Steward & lyrics by Adrian Miller
Ω Music & lyrics by Brett Monten
§ Music by Peter Flierl & lyrics by Adrian Miller & Waleed Ahmed

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