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Too Late The Hero

Released via Tunecore 1st November 2013

Available for purchase and streaming across a wide range of internet music providers including but not limited to iTunes & Spotify.

Aptly titled, ‘Too Late The Hero’ is the debut album release for PlanB which could easily never have happened. From a band that built its reputation on extensive touring of mainland Australia during the mid 80’s, the PlanB of 20I3 has expanded its horizons to the international scene. To date, Vietnam, Cambodia and China have welcomed the bold and brassy sound which so clearly defined the original band and continues to be an integral part of the current line-up.

‘Too Late the Hero’ accurately captures the band in a state of transition with several tracks penned (but not recorded) back in the 80’s. Bass player ‘Sneaky’ Pete Flierl wrote all the songs, though the album is very much a band effort with Pete, Patrick & Rob all taking turns at the brass arrangements and with Brett and other band members having an influence on lyrics and structure.

Vocals/Guitar – Brett Monten
Lead Guitar/Vocals – John Mulholland
Bass Guitar/Vocals – Peter Flierl
Drums – Lachi Smith
Keyboards – Adrian Miller
Trombone – Patrick Stapleton
Trumpet – Rob Williams
Flugalhorn/Trumpet – Cameron Smith
Mixer/Producer – Wayne Baker
Assistant Producer – Walter Kiess

Special thanks must go to Walter Kiess, Dave O’Callaghan, Peter Spooner & Glen Torrens for their contributions on the two initial international tours of PlanB and to Walter again and Wayne Baker for their magical work in the studio to capture the essence of the PlanB sound.

We dedicate this album to all our current and future fans & supporters and hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Undying thanks to Suoyi, Sunisa, Karen and all the other wives and family members who provided unconditional (maybe sometimes conditional) love and support to enable this, the first PlanB album to come into being.

Thanks go to: John Appleby (drums track I4), Victor Flierl (piano track 4), Walter ‘Jagermeister’ Kiess (all drums except track I4), David O’Callaghan (all tenor sax except tracks I, 5 & I2), Jim Paterson (trombone solo track 6), Peter Spooner (keyboards track 5), Glen Torrens (tenor sax tracks I, 5 & I2), Tran Manh Tuan (sax solos for tracks 2 & I3) and Peter Tuske (violin track 9).

Backing vocals: Kay Dickin, Tina Fletcher, Chris Goodall, Walter Kiess and Catherine Lambert.


I. Southern Delta (4:42) •
2. So Saigon (3:54) ∫
3. Maggies (3:24) ∫
4. Falling In Love (3:47) ∫
5. Call Me (4:06) •
6. Plan B (3:I6) ∫
7. Blueprint (4:28) ∫
8. Sandpaper Sally (3:05) ∫
9. Images (5:24) (Featuring Samira Saunders) ∫
I0. Give It Away (4:I8) ∫
II. Too Late the Hero (3:42) ∫
I2. Call Me Remix (4:2I) (Featuring Rock With Korshun) •
I3. I Don’t Mind (3:2I) ∫
I4. Three Steps Closer (4:06)

Words and music for all tracks by Peter Flierl except Plan B (Rowland/Paterson) and Sandpaper Sally (Flierl/Monten)
All tracks mixed recorded and produced by Wayne Baker and Walter Kiess – Adelaide 20II-I3.
• Beds recorded at Sounds Studio – Ho Chi Minh City 20I0
∫ Beds recorded at TMT Studios – Ho Chi Minh City 20II

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