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CHINA Tour by Australia’s International Rock’n’Soul Band “PlanB” in July 2012 – Performance at Australian Embassy, Beijing


Just wanted to take this opportunity to send through an encouraging response I received from my follow-up with the Australian Embassy in Beijing (Brett, this may assist with our grant appln if we get a confirmation soon) and to bring everyone into the picture with the band line-up for the upcoming “3 Steps Closer” Tour.
I’d particularly like to welcome Cameron Smith (Flugelhorn) and Lachlan Smith (Drums) who have signed on board with the rest of our motley crew in order to further Chinese-Australian diplomatic relations as only PlanB can do. Patrick will be liaising closely with Cameron in the lead-up to the tour as Cameron will not be available for rehearsals in Beijing due to an unavoidable commitment in Australia. He will however be flying in on the evening of the 19 July in order to rest up for our 1st gig the following night……..I expect the night of the 19 will be the subject of some strange and late night activity for the hostel we are staying in as the band meets as one unit for the first time. Lachlan will be joining us on the 17 for the complete 2 days of rehearsals. I believe his is currently at Tamworth in the middle of a tour with his band from Cairns, “The Hillbilly Goats”. Sounds like perfect fodder for some of the video clips we are intending to shoot on and around the Great Wall & Tian an men Square.
Patrick , in addition to taking charge of brass charts etc with Cam, could you please also arrange access for both Cam & Lachi to the blog site and Google Docs such as the Tour Itinerary and the Tour Setlist.
Cam will also be spending some time with Patrick during the 2 weeks leading up to the tour in order to consolidate some of the ‘brassy things’.
As discussed earlier today on the phone with Cam, attached is the current PlanB profile. Appreciate if you guys could email through a couple of lines on each together with a pic or two that you would be happy for us to use in any promo material we are developing (such as the profile).
In order to reduce stress levels for all etc, I am happy to meet you guys at the airport on your arrival in Beijing, so appreciate if you could forward flight details asap so that these can be included in the band’s spreadsheet.
May be worth putting the contents of this email on our blog and individuals can make comments/ask questions as they occur. I think either you or Brett fixed the notification issue so that anyone with access to the blog received advice of new additions to articles on the site?  Is this correct?
Welcome again guys and looking forward to another jam-packed tour for PlanB.
Sneaky pete
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Jan 21
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  • admin Says:

    Hi Peter
    Thks for sending this through – sounds terrific. I’ve cc’d to Michael who’ll take over from me in mid-Feb and our cultural section gurus Amanda and Katie.

    All the best with the tour, which sounds like a great fit for the 40th anniversary and one that could be promoted via our Imagine Australia web platforms: (English/Chinese) (Chinese)

    Cheers for now!

  • admin Says:

    It was great to talk with you briefly this morning about the upcoming 3 week tour to China by Australia’s very own “PlanB”, and also to find out that this year is the 40 year anniversary of the establishment of Australia-China diplomatic relations. It is very exciting to think that the band could be a part of these celebrations.

    “PlanB” arrives in Beijing on Tues 17 July for two days of rehearsal prior to commencing their “3 Steps Closer” tour which will involve performances in Beijing, Tianjin & Shanghai. The band also intends to shoot footage for three of the songs from its new CD due for release towards the end of 2012, entitled “Too Late The Hero”.

    As I indicated on the phone, it would certainly make the tour extra special if “PlanB” could commence with a performance at the Australian Embassy in Beijing (even more so because of the significance of the 40th anniversary celebrations).

    The band plays a blend of infectious original music coupled with some very well known soul music covers and music by the Blues Brothers, Chicago and Dexys Midnight Runners. It has has a 3 -piece brass section consisting of trombone, trumpet & flugelhorn.

    Early in 2010 and 2011, the band undertook 2 very successful tours of Cambodia & Vietnam, performing to appreciative audiences in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Saigon, Nha Trang and Mui Ne.

    I have attached a few pics of the band together with a band biography as well as links below to the video clips of the two songs “PlanB” recorded and filmed during the first tour of Cambodia & Vietnam in 2010. Both music clips were filmed locally and display the bands strong identity with some of Australia’s Asian neighbors.


    “CALL ME” by PlanB
    The band’s website is located at and contains additional photos, video clips and information about the band.

    As the tour commences on Saturday 21 July 2012, I wanted to suggest a potential performance at the Embassy on Friday 20 July 2012

    Please let me know if you would be interested in negotiating a performance on this or any other date during the 3 weeks the band will be in China.

    Vocal mics x 3 (incl 1 with boom arm for the drummer)
    Other Mics x 3 ( 1 each for trumpet, flugelhorn & trombone)
    Bass Amp
    Guitar Amp x 2
    Drum Kit
    Sound System (with capacity for at least 8 x microphones)

    I look forward to speaking with you further about the band performing at the Embassy during the anniversary celebrations.

    I am happy to give you a call from Dubai at a convenient time to discuss this proposal.

    Greetings from Dubai

    Sneaky Pete

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