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That’s Entertainment Tour Wrap – Part 1

Rehearsals and Parking Toys Gig 1

It all commenced on New Years Eve December 30 2013, (well a few days before that if you count the 8 hour rehearsal days) through to January 13 2014, when International Rock’n’Soul Specialists PlanB embarked on the 4th international tour, rocking numerous stages in Bangkok Thailand despite the threat of a coup and an imminent city wide shutdown


Sign out the front of Show Time rehearsal studios.

With band members arriving progressively toward the end of December, two rehearsals were booked on the outskirts of the city at Showtime Studios. For the first time the horn dingoes were using an iPad based system to display their charts. The stand broke in the first few minutes of rehearsals, however luckily the resilient Showtime manager (a pretty handy fellow) created a new stand salvaging the base of a cymbal stand and a cut back music stand head. This became the stand for the iPad chart system and went on to perform admirably throughout the tour.


Sneaky Peter with the manager of Show Time rehearsal studios.

PlanB’s 2013 debut album “Too Late The Hero”, included a ballad featuring Dubai based vocalist Samira Saunders. With some sneaky behind the scenes footwork by Sneaky Pete, the band were joined on stage for this number by Bangkok local, the very talented Eam aka Arriya Ruchikachorn. A consultant for a Japanese packing firm by day, Eam is also a keen vocalist and happily agreed to sing the duet with Brett on stage at the majority of gigs for the tour.

After two full days of rehearsal and with some 30 songs in the repertoire, PlanB went on stage for the first time in Thailand on the evening of the 30th at one of Bangkok’s premier rock venues “Parking Toys”. PlanB was contracted by Khun Pisit to perform one 75 minute set earlier in the evening.


Eam photographed with Brett at Parking Toys.

Parking Toys is a venue in the classic rock style, situated on a highway on the outskirts of town amongst numerous body shops and car wreckers where the venue no doubt got its name. After a sumptuous slap-up meal just a short walk from the venue at the local Thai BBQ restaurant and a couple of Chang beer towers later, the band went on stage and ripped out 17 tracks for the early bird customers before the second band was due to perform.


The band on stage at Parking Toys.

The band was well accepted by the small but enthusiastic crowd and delivered an overall solid performance. There were still plenty more gigs in the offing to polish both performance and show.


Sneaky Peter with khun Pisit after the show.

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