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Sneaky Pete interview with Chris Cordani

PlanB bass guitarist & song-writer Sneaky Pete, recently spoke with Chris Cordani on his  Revenge of the 80’s Radio show. During the interview Peter talks about the band’s up coming “Second Time Around” tour of China promoted by New York based company Musicdish, as well as the band’s emerging collaborative song development approach.

This is the second time Peter has appeared on The Revenge of the 80’s show. It would seem PlanB’s history and music are a good fit for his New York based station’s programing. It’s a great show, with an international audience and the band is in debt to Chris for the opportunity to have it’s music played and to be able to speak directly to fans of the 80’s genre.

The interview starts with PlanB’s 80’s recording of their first release,”Second Time Around” and finishes with the bands latest (film-clip) offering, “Maggies”.

Click here to listen to the full interview (scroll to minute 12)

The following are the film clips for both of the tracks presented in the interview.

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Aug 25
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