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It’s been another hectic year for the boys in the band. March saw the release of PlanB’s third album, the live offering released under the title of ‘UK2UB’, containing ten tracks recorded during the band’s UK Summer Holiday Tour of 2016 and Asian Fire Rooster Tour of 2017.  2018 has also seen another very successful tour of the UK, with gigs spread pretty evenly between Scotland and England, followed almost immediately by a brief sojourn to Jakarta to headline the ROCKTOBER Festival. The year closes and 2019 begins with a smattering of gigs in PlanB’s home town of Adelaide.

Our UK Tour Bus

On stage at Coquetfest

The UK tour cemented groundwork laid by PlanB two years earlier and took the band to new venues in Paisley, Perth, Aberdeen and Inverness, where a warm reception was enjoyed at each venue. Friendships were renewed on a personal level with Mr Scurf and all the good folk at Koast Radio in northern England with a live-to-air broadcast by the band from the Fox Cover Tavern in Ashington. Coquetfest was one of the many high points for the boys during the eight tour dates in the north of the UK. The tour closed with the band returning to familiar stamping grounds at The Fiddlers Elbow and LUNA for two London gigs and another two performances down in Kent.

Returning to South Australia, PlanB performed a guest appearance at The Gov for the debut ‘Stones vs Beatles’ event and earned a very favourable reaction from an audience present to listen to the songs of two legendary British bands.


Early October saw original PlanB guitarist, Stephen Fewell, and former drummer, Mark Levers, join the other six members to headline the ROCKTOBER Festival with three performances at the Dungeon Pool Lounge in Jakarta.

Final shows for 2018 have seen PlanB again taking the guest spot at a second Stones vs Beatles event as well as donating their services to a Farmer Aid event, again at The Gov. With the band’s flugelhorn player Cameron McCracken Smith making his way down south, a full eight-piece line-up will kick in the new year with gigs at the Gaslight Tavern and Wheatsheaf Hotel on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 January respectively.

PlanB with Urang Matang (and Jim Paterson making a heavenly appearance)

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