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  • John Mulholland – Guitar & Vocals

    “I love to travel, and PlanB has given me the opportunity to do so. Over the years I’ve looked out from stages across asia and God willing will see many more before throwing my last pick out to the fans” says

  • “Sneaky” Pete Flierl – Bass Guitar & Vocals

    “While not the first band I’ve formed, PlanB probably best represents the legacy of material I’ve written in the last 30 years. That’s not to say I’ve stopped, nothing gives me more satisfaction than incorporating new material into the band’s

  • Patrick Stapleton -Trombone

    “I can really only think of two bands that have worked trombone successfully into their core sound – Dexy’s and Chicago, one from the UK the other the US. It’s my aim to add PlanB from Australia to that list”