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Television Interviews

Simon Townsend's Wonder World


Shot on location in the Adelaide Water Bubble, Elder Park during the winter of 1985. Featuring a 7 piece line-up consisting of Chris Goodall-lead vocals, Peter Flierl-bass, Patrick Stapleton-trombone, Rob Williams-trumpet,Peter Raidel-saxophone, Heinz Stein-drums & Len Moseley-guitar. The interviewer was Brett Clements and you will note that we all had to remove our footwear so as not to put a hole in the bubble.

Phoenix TV


Phoenix TV is a Satellite TV network, based in Hong Kong. Phoenix offers Mandarin and Cantonese language programs. The Company was founded in 1996 and offers various programs including, News, Movies, Entertainment.


A television crew from Phoenix TV interviewed and filmed PlanB in Beijing for a brief segment on their global satellite TV network during their 'Second Time Around' Tour of China in late September 2014. Live footage was shot at the Temple Bar, the third of the band's three performances in Beijing during a very hectic 16 date visit to the Middle Kingdom which took in some 10 cities