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Meet PlanB

PlanB formed in the mid-eighties in Adelaide, South Australia, and very quickly proved themselves a class act. The band shared the stage with huge bands of the day: The Eurogliders, Swanee, Goanna, Pseudo Echo, Mondo Rock, The Models, John Paul Young, The Allniters and more. During that period the band toured extensively across the eastern states of Australia, releasing a number of singles and achieving national airplay until its members moved on to pursue solo projects in early 1986.

PlanB officially reformed in 2009 and has subsequently undertaken ten international tours to a range of countries including the UK, Vietnam, China, Cambodia and Mongolia. The band released its 14-track debut album, ‘Too Late the Hero’ in November 2013 and followed this up with a second album, ‘Time Is A Diamond’, in July 2016 and the live album 'UK2UB' in March 2018. PlanB has filmed & produced 22 official music videos, collaborated with overseas and local artists/musicians in solo projects, been interviewed on numerous local and overseas radio stations and had their songs receive airplay in Asia, UK, USA and, of course, in Australia.


In addition to overseas and national television appearances, the band has also featured on local television in their hometown of Adelaide on Jethro Heller's 'Tales of a City.' 

Current projects on the PlanB agenda include completing recording of a third studio album and developing the band’s local and international tour schedule for 2021 and beyond.

"It’s Sunday night and I am
still buzzing from the gig
PlanB played to a full house
at Sharky’s"

Ben Brett - Sharky's Bar Phnom Penh

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